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Advance NLP course comprises of Parent NLP, Student NLP & Money NLP. All my students are successfully achieving their goals in whichever field they are pertaining to with full confidence applying these techniques either in solving relationship issues, or issues concerning career, financial issues, etc. These courses are designed in the simplest way and can be used even in your day to day life and enhance your life using these skills provided. Life coach practitioners and Counselors and many of my students who are Doctors and Engineers are benefitted using these tools in enhancing the lives of others. Online Parent NLP- is a highly effective program for Teachers, Parents, and their children. Every Parent has their own dream for their children and they want that dream to be a reality. Due to the busy lifestyle and stressful atmosphere, Parent as well as their children, fail to bring balance in their relationship. They never know where they are going wrong. Is it mutual understanding or either of them are having an imbalance in overpowering each other? It's a fast life and we hardly get time to go deep into the root cause studying its various pros and cons. Parent NLP is the best simplest tool in which any Parent can learn to understand their child by knowing which sense they belong to. Parent NLP also breaks the pattern of the ongoing mindset by establishing rapport between them, helping to change the behavior of your child, by removing any past painful memory of your child, any anxiety problems, removing their fear of examination, improving their inner self-image by bringing their confidence level to the peak so as to give their maximum best performance. It improves your bonding with your child by making you a proud Parent who serves them as a strong support system. After all, every parent deserves this title of a proud Parent for the contribution they give to their children by showing the seeds of their child's growth. Parent NLP does it all. Online Student NLP- is a boon for students who are pursuing their academic careers. Students are burdened with so many study materials in their academic curriculum and it becomes a difficult challenge even for an average student to store into their memory. Student NLP caters mainly to enhance their memory power to memorize anything right from the name, English vocabulary, foreign language words, memorize mathematical tables, spellings, memorize names of authors, books, and how to answer multiple-choice questions by framing them into paragraphs. Online Student NLP not only helps students but it helps elders to remember the phone numbers, birth dates, anniversary dates, 500-year calendar, address, your bank account number, and your pin numbers. Students appearing for entrance exams attain the perfect confidence to attempt it as well as succeed in getting through these exams. It's a lifetime feeder to your brain enhancing the power of memory in your subconscious mind. Online Money NLP - is the basic necessity of one's life. But do you have the mindset to achieve easy money? Sometimes your inner critic paves the way and acts as a blockage to achieve the money. How can you satisfy your inner critics? Also often our limiting beliefs come as a hurdle in attracting money. How can you overcome it? Reframe..Recreate..Reset !!! That's what Online Money NLP basic course all about, to easily attract and manifest money in your life by changing your thinking patterns. If you have a burning desire to earn money to the fullest potential, Online Money NLP basic opens your door to Riches.