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INR 999



You have an opportunity to order My books with PDF version @ almost half prices. Discount is with PDF version only because no courier charges, no publishing cost, no manpower is required, no handling charges, no need to pay third party vendor. Hence all this benefit of my savings goes to you only. 1. DISCOVER THE POWER OF AFFIRMATION 2. WALK WITH GRATITUDE 3. ICONIC PARENTING 4. ATTRACT THE MONEY LIKE A SUPER MAGNET Instead of paying Rs 2000 you will now pay only Rs 999.Gratitude is that magical word and boom that it can make your relationships boom , can make your money a grace of our life, can transport the blessings of god to you, a magnet to attract positivity, a path to live a life of your dreams , and can rain blessings in your life that can brings a downpour of happiness... Raising a kid is no more an easy now a day. the rapid advancement has created a substantial gap between the parents and children. In this fast paced and competitive word , parents want their child to surpass others and follow others and follow the crowd blindly . in this rat-race, they sometimes forget that their kids also have their own passion and dreams. This book is exclusively about how to make a rapport with your child. Foreward by Mr. Ram Verma . In this book, Nitin has shared the real-life experiences of his students and followers. This has added a new dimension to the book and has made it even more captivating. The book is designed in such a way that every chapter touches the different aspects of a person’s life. This book helps you to understand the magical power of thoughts and affirmations along with some beautiful techniques to master your subconscious mind. This book is a self-help book that capacitates you to help yourself in moulding your thought patterns. The language of this book is quiet simple, which keeps the reader glued to the book without any distraction. I personally feel that this book has the potential to invade the thought process of a common reader who is taking baby steps in understanding and unleashing the power of thought process and affirmation. Apart from magnifying the thought process and affirmative gains, this book also helps you to inspect the loopholes, if any, that are deviating you from the path of accomplishment. I wish Nitin a grand success and looking forward to his many more books. Ram Verma NLP Wellness Life Coach