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A basic principle of Numerology is that all things in nature evolve in cycles that are measurable and predictable. I offer the truth with compassion and responsibility. Every individual has a power to change his or her life. An apple seed will become an apple tree that is fate. With the help of numerology one can nourish the tree of life and make his or her dreams come true. I am just a channel to recognize you and your life. In numerology all the numbers have a particular vibration which may or may not vibrate with each other. If the name number vibrates with our date of birth and comes to a good total, then it makes things move fast, removes confusion and gives positive thinking, removes negative people around us, stirs growth of business, fame, happiness in love, mental peace and satisfaction and all kinds of success and happiness in all aspects of life. Since the date of birth cannot be altered, name alteration is the one of the alternative to overwhelm hurdles in your life through numerology. Nitin Mohan lal is proficient for its accuracy and dedication. He is famous for his accurate predictions and to the point analysis of various facets of life viz. Education, Litigation, Property & Vehicle Purchase, Health, Travel, Career & Financial prospects, Marriage/Romance/Divorce, Children, and Longevity. Basic Numerology Course • The What, Why and When of Numerology • A glance at the numbers • Number’s Story • Master Numbers • In-depth understanding of numbers • Character Number • Birth-dates and Meanings • Life Path Number with meanings • Expression number with meanings Soul urge number with meanings • Secret self number with meanings • Growth Number • Maturity Number • Attitude Number • Karmic Lessons • Karmic Debt Numbers • Challenge Number • Aspects Advance Numerology • Special Traits/ Intensity • Planes of Expression / Temperament • Alphabets and Vowels • Essence Cycle • Personal Year • Personal Month and Days • Universal Year • Instruction of how to read the essence cycles • Life Path Periods • Pinnacle Phases • Transit Cycles • Rational Thought Number • Double and Triple Numbers • Points to Ponder and Interesting Insights • Color suggestion for practicing the new expression • Arrow of Pythagoras • Learning to change spellings LIVE HEALTH, WEALTH AND RELATIONSHIP NUMEROLOGY • Health and Numerology- From each birth date and each life path also in terms of Karmic Lessons • Career and Numerology- From Life path and Birth date • Relationships and Numerology- Each number with the other in terms of Life path and expression

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